Hearing Insurance

Hearing Loss is Very Common

Approximately 15% of American adults aged 18 and over have reported hearing loss in one or both ears. As we age our likelihood of losing some portion of our hearing increases dramatically, especially later in life. Age also contributes to the severity of hearing loss, with over 50% of adults having disabling hearing loss. 

Disabling Hearing Loss By Age

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aged 55-64
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aged 65-74
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aged 75 and older

Are you covered?

Not all medical insurance plans offer coverage for both hearing tests and hearing aids. If you are unsure whether your plan is covered we can help understand your coverage or find coverage that fits your needs.

Medicare Coverage

Medicare covers your diagnostic hearing test if it is ordered by your doctor. However, they do not cover the hearing aids should you need them. Some Medicare Advantage (Part C) Plans offer extra hearing benefits.

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