Mortgage Protection

If you lose your job, become disabled, or die, how will your family be protected from losing your home? Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) can help save your house by covering part or all of your mortgage bill when you need it most.

Unlike Private Mortgage Insurance, which only protects the lender if you aren’t able to pay your loan, MPI protects you and your family. MPI is a kind of life insurance used to pay off your entire mortgage if you die, and in the case of some policies, pay some or all of your monthly mortgage bill if you suddenly lose your job or become disabled.

With MPI, approval is guaranteed. You don’t need to worry about age restrictions, pre-existing medical conditions, and you won’t be required to have medical exams. Your home will be protected no matter what your health or occupation.

Get peace of mind in knowing that your home will always be there for your family. Call us today to discuss the best Mortgage Protection Insurance options for you!

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